We’re building a Social Messaging Support service with young homeless and organisations in Eindhoven


Welcome to Homeless SMS

Homeless SMS is a social enterprise developing the Social Messaging Support service for socially isolated people and organisations. We are convinced that simple and accessible mobile technology such as SMS and social media are useful communication tool for vulnerable and isolated people, that allow them to build formal and informal support network, encouraging a positive social engagement and re-intergration into society.

With a wonderful support from our committed partners in Eindhoven we have begun building our software and service with the city’s young homeless people and organisations. Our progress is currently not open for the public. If you are interested in learning more about our day-to-day development process in Eindhoven, please sign up our newsletter. If you have other inquires such as using our service or writing an article about our project, please get in touch with Ohyoon or Jonas.

Thank you.

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