Homeless SMS is an initiative of the international team.


Jonas Piet

Jonas is a committed creative enterpreneur who uses design as an approach to understand people’s needs and to build relevant solutions for social issues.




Ohyoon Kwon

Ohyoon is a creative social entrepreneur born in Seoul, South Korea.  He is a founding partner of Homeless SMS in The Netherlands. He joined Homeless SMS project since 2011 March, played a key role in achieving a proof of concept. He is enjoying travel back and forth between Europe and Asia keen to sharing experiences, creating new connections and opportunities. He is a code fellow of Code for Europe project.



Will Brayne

Will is a marketing and communications consultant in the technology industry. Will is a founding father of Homeless SMS in 2010, London. With a background in the emerging mobile sector, he helps early-stage businesses develop go-to-market propositions. Fascinated by the ingenuity of mobile social innovations emerging in the developing world, he is convinced of the power of mobile tools to affect positive social change in the developed world too.

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