What we do

Homeless SMS is a social enterprise based in The Netherlands and the UK addressing social isolation using design and simple mobile technology to change the way vulnerable people communicate with organisations and society.

Mobile technology and services are blooming. The developing world’s urgency for tools to improve life for the vulnerable has led to the creation of a host of innovative, robust and affordable solutions that make the most of the ubiquity of mobile phone ownership. This innovation is now beginning to trickle through to the developed world, informing or providing the basis for tackling social problems here as they have so successfully elsewhere.

We are convinced that simple mobile tools can help support one of the vulnerable communities in developed countries. Since 2010, we have begun to explore how popular and accessible technology such as SMS and social media could be useful communication tool for the homeless community in London. In 2011 with the co-operation of the community, the invaluable network of service professionals, volunteers and homeless people, we prototyped the service with 25 homeless users and achieved a proof of concept. The developed concept is still being used by London’s biggest homeless day centre The Connection St. Martin.

Based on the positive outcomes and valuable learnings in London, we are currently under way of developing a service and technology with a partnership with organisations in Eindhoven (NL).

Our development project in Eindhoven is proudly supported by following organisations:


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